Cruikshank-Mueller House

This house was built by Frank & Leda Mueller Cruikshank in 1916-17. At the time of his accidental death by gunshot wound in 1934, Cruikshank was vice president of the Tylac Co. in Monticello that manufactured tile. Following Mrs. Cruikshank’s death in 1951, Mrs. Edith Ridgely owned the property (1951- 60). Dick Ferry, a professor at Millikin University owned the home from 1974 until 2015.

The Illinois Urban Architectural and Historical Survey conducted in 1989 by Charles Kirchner describes the houses as follows:

A large, rectangular shaped, Italian Renaissance style house with Spanish colonial revival style touches in the central dormer and tile roof. Has a hipped roof and projecting wings .
The front projecting entry has a terra cotta trimmed Tudor arch.

Sometime between 1934 and 1951, the house was converted into 3 apartments with two additions installed to the rear of the building.

The house is an outstanding example of a large Italian Renaissance style dwelling, the linear design being typical of the Italian villa, The house has 17 rooms, 8 full baths and 2 half baths.

C. J. Aschauer, architect.

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